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Pre-Purchase Vehicle Inspections in Phoenix, AZ​

Muscle Cars - Classic - Collector - Exotic - Luxury - And More

Hot Rod Inspections is a one person company and I do all the inspections, no exceptions.  I have been around American muscle cars since they were new, having spent time in a Chevrolet dealership while growing up.  I have solid knowledge of all muscle cars, but have extensive expertise and experience with GM muscle cars, including Corvettes.   My knowledge and experience also include classic and collector cars and trucks, but I am not qualified to perform inspections on Brass Era vehicles.  Also experienced with restomod, pro touring, hot rod, street rod and race vehicles.

Roger Legge    602.367.4282

In addition to Hot Rod Inspections I perform inspections for a highly regarded nationwide company.  Over 500 inspections for them includes everything from Toyotas to Aston Martins to Freightliner commercial trucks.  RV and motorcycle inspections also available - please call to discuss specifics.  I also perform inspections at the January auctions that take place in Phoenix and Scottsdale, including meeting customers on site for an inspection.

What is the Inspection Process

Order an inspection.  Forms of payment are PayPal, Venmo, Apple Pay and Square Payment for debit/credit cards.

Inspection is performed using a four page checklist that covers exterior, undercarriage, tires and wheels, engine compartment and interior.  High resolution photographs are taken throughout the inspection process.  Vehicle research is done as required.  Research known issues for year/make/model before inspection.  Collector cars often require research both before and after an inspection.  Inspection report is emailed to customer and pictures with comments are posted online for the customer to view and download.

Paint thickness meter is used to help determine if paint is factory original (no repair/repaint), has body filler been used, has there been rust repair.  OBD-II scanner used on 1996 and later vehicles to check for stored codes and view status of the instant monitors.  Vehicles placed on lift if one is available and seller is willing to do so.  Also available is an engine oil analysis.

Inspection checklist, inspection report example and oil analysis report example available upon request.

Inspection Prices​

Inspections completed within 48 hours, most within 24 hours

Standard Inspection


Cars newer than 20 years

Cars newer than 20 years

Inspection of steering, suspension and brakes

Check for accident damage and flood damage

Computer diagnosis of engine, transmission, ABS and air bags

Fluid level check

Road test

More than 50 pictures


Classic Inspection


Cars older than 20 years

Cars older than 20 years

More than 100 pictures

Check for rust, older repairs, hidden damage

Evaluate quality of restoration

Decode VIN and data/trim tags

Determine extent of numbers matching

Determine originality

Perform research as needed

More than 100 pictures


Exotic and Luxury Inspection


Higher end vehicles

Higher end vehicles

Everything in Standard Inspection

Aston Martin, Ferrari, Rolls-Royce, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, etc

More time, more attention, more details

More than 80 pictures


The Passion

Automobiles have always been a part of my life, and I'm sure they always will be.  What is it about them that moves me?  The sound of a great engine, the unity and uniqueness of an automobile's engineering and coachwork, the history of the company and the car and, of course, the sheer beauty of the thing.     - Edward Herrmann

Feel free to call or text 602.367.4282 with questions regarding a vehicle or an inspection.